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Easy and fast upload of your DICOM data

Upload and view massive files in minutes at Bespoke Modeling. Once uploaded, Bespoke Modeling takes care of the rest for you, converting the original scan data into a completed 3D model that you can then access, explore and view.

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VIDEO: How to Create and View 3D Models in Bespoke Modeling

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Edit the uploaded data

View the data using easy commands to select the types of views you want, filtering to show just bone, to show with tissue, etc.

Utilize easy-to-use tools to clean the image, and remove outlying and scatter data that came in with the scan.

Easily add labels, logos and annotations to your model, plus add bookmarks to enable easier viewing by guests with whom you share the model data.

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VIDEO: How to Clean Up Models and Add Customized Graphics in Bespoke Modeling

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Share and Download your Model Data

Immediately be able to share the 3D data model with other doctors, students and patients online via popular web browsers, iPhone, iPad and Android devices (*apps coming soon!).

VIDEO: How to Create Anatomical Movie Presentations in Bespoke Modeling

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3D Print Your 3D model

Order up a 3D print from within your Bespoke Modeling account directly from 3D Systems’ cloud-based printing service.

Also opt to download the data as ZPR or STL for use in a local 3D printer or other software.

VIDEO: How to Annotate Models in Bespoke Modeling

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