Bespoke Modelling | Features


With Bespoke Modeling, 3D medical modeling becomes simple and efficient. Now doctors and dentists have all the tools and features they need to share anatomical information more effectively, save time and money, and increase their value to patients.

Very Affordable and accessible for all

  • Low cost; subscriptions start at $30 per month; no equipment or software to buy
  • Allows you to invite ‘guests’ to view data online
  • Data is viewable by any browser and platform, as well as iPhone, iPad and Android devices

User-friendly, intuitive interface with a full set of automated tools

  • Automatically create a virtual 3D model in moments from any size CT, MRI scan or any DICOM data
  • Automatic clean up of data
  • View 2D DICOM data in addition to the 3D model; 2D data is unaltered
  • View 3D models along every axis including sections
  • Zoom in on specific structures
  • Add annotations and hotspots to highlight important areas or views
  • Utilize very powerful presentation and multi-media tools
  • Adjust focus based on material density
  • Preset filters make it easy to view specific anatomy, like bones only, tissue only and more
  • Bookmark, save and share any view or file
  • Share online models instantly

Quickly Create 3D prints and export data, securely

  • Instantly order full-color, high-resolution 3D-printed models directly from 3D Systems to be shipped to your door
  • Easily export models in STL and ZPR file formats for in-house 3D printing
  • 3D-printed models exhibit a feel and resistance similar to that of real bone for practice procedures or instruction
  • Data is securely stored on network servers, ensuring file security, integrity and anytime access

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