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Bespoke Modeling Features

Upload data, view, document and explore specific anatomy within minutes. Your CT scans convert easily into full-color 3D models, and can export for local 3D printing or order low-cost color models online from 3D Systems. Have the power to easily and effectively communicate with patients and consulting professionals, simplify medical imaging, improve medical instruction and promote patient referrals. This easy-to-use, innovative and secure application is also subscription based to save you money.

Order Your Surgical Training Bones Now

Bone models ordered through Bespoke Modeling are ideal for surgical training and patient education, with these 3D printed models providing the same sensation as human bone for drilling and sawing. Simply upload your CT and MRI scan data, and order 3D prints, and your Bespoke Bones will be created and shipped to your door in days!

Prices start at $30 per month

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